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Maximize your storage for a more efficient kitchen.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:
in-drawer spice rack
pullout pantry on wheels
magnetic spice shelf
magnetic hooks
magnetic knife rack
hardware cloth
wood screws
power drill
wire baskets
drop-down slide

Install a Spice Rack in the Prep Zone

The key to an organized kitchen is maximum storage. Look for extra storage space in work zones for food prep, cooking and cleanup.

In the prep zone, install a ready-made spice rack inside an underutilized drawer.

Add a Pullout Pantry

Customize a pullout pantry from plywood, wood strips and coaster wheels.

Tip: A pullout pantry can be made to fit beside the stove or the fridge or at the end of the counter.

Organize the Cooking Zone

Hang magnetic shelves, hooks and knife racks on side of fridge in cooking zone.

Make the Cleanup Zone More Efficient

In the cleanup zone, tack hardware cloth inside sink doors; then hang wire baskets from S-hooks for sponges and cleansers.

To store dishwasher tabs and dish rinse, install drop-down sliding shelf in unused space in top of cabinet near dishwasher.

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