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How to Add Splashes of Color to the Wall

After applying a creaming base coat, it's time to add splashes of modern color to the wall.

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add splashes of modern color to wall

Step 1: Purchase a Wall-Art Kit or Colorful Wall Art

Purchase wall-art kit or colorful wall art to place on the wall for a headboard. The designer makes a unique headboard treatment, using Charcoal and Cornucopia Tan, colors that will complement the colors of the room.

Tip: Other paint options might include painting the squares a deep brown teak color for an Indonesian-inspired room or keeping the squares white for a fresh look against a colored wall.

Step 2: Tape off Area and Paint the Wall Panels

First, measure the panels, level and mark off on the wall before tapping off with painter's tape. Paint a layer of clear varnish around the edges the tape (Image 1); the varnish prevents paint from bleeding under the edges (Image 2).

Step 3: Paint Blue Shade Panels

Paint the panels with a blue shade color and allow to dry.

To help the panels pop out from the white walls, mix together small amounts of Woodlawn Blue, Kendall Charcoal and a dark blue acrylic paint and apply as a border accent around the panels.

To paint the border, measure 1/2" on the panels, taped off and paint. When the paint is dry, carefully remove the tape from the panels.

apply border accent around panels

Step 4: Draw the Measurements for the Wall-Art

Mark the headboard off above the bed. Draw the measurements for the wall-art rectangles on rosin paper and worked into a pattern on the paper before plalcing them on the wall.

draw measurements for wall art rectangles on paper

Step 5: Place the Rectangle Wall-Art in the Headspace

Pull the backing off from the adhesive on the wall art. Using a level, place the rectangle patterns in the headboard space.

place rectangle patterns in headboard space

Step 6: Hang the Wall Shelves

As a final touch, the nightstand shelves are hung on the lower area of the wall panels.

Note: Pre-paid wall shelves can be purchased from a builders supply store or craft store.