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Maximize Kitchen Storage

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Tools & Materials

Drawer dividers
In-drawer boxes
Plate stackers
Vertical cabinet dividers
Small stainless steel shelves
Power drill
Wood screws or toggle bolts
Bar rods
‘S’ hooks
Metal Strips
Wall shelves

Tips to Maximize Kitchen Storage

1. Use dividers in deep drawers to organize pots, pans, and containers; get plate-stackers for extra plates.

2. Adjustable in-drawer dividers maximize storage for flatware and utensils.

3. Install shelf inserts in open cabinets to take advantage of unused vertical space.

4. Carousels give access to otherwise unused corner space.

5. A pullout system under sink lets you sort waste and recycle in same small area.

6. On walls, use magnetic strips to keep knives handy and safe.

7. Hang ‘S’ hooks on bar rods to hold often-used utensils.

8. For heavy pots and pans, install extra wall shelves.

TIP: Because of weight, be sure to attach shelves to wall studs.