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Tools & Materials

Circular saw
Power drill
Wood screws
Peace lilies, spider plants, ficus trees
Wooden ladder
Plywood shelves
Non-VOC paint
Wooden blinds
Furnace air purifier
Touch control thermostat
Thermostat app

Tips for Home Comfort

TIP: To create a healthier and more comfortable home, take control of the air.

TIP: EPA estimates that inside air at home is 2 to 5 times dirtier than outside air; contaminants include dust mites, mold mildew, viruses, VOCs, pet dander.

TIP: Tight window and door seals and thick insulation trap and re-circulate contaminated inside air.

1. Wipe down pets with baby wipes when they come indoors.

2. Install dehumidifiers in basements.

TIP: Dust mites don’t thrive below 50% humidity.

3. Install ventilators, which replace stale inside air with fresh, outside air.

4. Install UV lamps to kill microorganisms.

5. Put pillows inside freezer for 48 hours to kill dust mites.

6. Cultivate air-purifying plants like peace lilies, spider, plants, and ficus trees.

TIP: Build quick plant shelf out of wooden ladder and plywood shelves painted with non-VOC paint that doesn’t include harmful chemicals.

7. Replace drapery with wooden blinds.

8. Get air purifier attached to HVAC system.

TIP: Ultra-high filtration traps and kills viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

9. Control system with thermostat that lets you create heating and cooling zones based on family preferences.

10. Adjust humidity in individual rooms.

11. Connect thermostat to wi-fi and use smart phone and tablet apps to monitor air at home no matter where you are.