We found a large old-school chalkboard at a recycle center and converted it into a family memo board, calendar and catch-all for organizing keys, mail and cell phones. 

Step 1


Prep Chalkboard

Clean the chalkboard. Use a tape measure and some math to determine equal spacing for your calendar. We laid ours out with six days running vertically and Sunday sitting across the bottom of the other days. Use chalk to mark your lines.

Step 2


Mark Lines

Use painter's tape to mark lines for the borders. Be sure to press down on the tape so paint does not bleed underneath it.

Step 3


Paint Lines

Paint in between the tape. Let the first coat dry before applying a second coat. 

Step 4


Attach Baskets

While the paint is drying on the upper lines, place the baskets (we used three) so they are centered across the board.  Use a washer and screws to attach the baskets to the chalkboard. Make sure the screws don't extend past the back of the chalkboard otherwise they may scratch your walls.

Step 5


Finish Lines

Add the final lines for Sunday.

Step 6


Add Hooks

Fasten hooks to one side of the board.

Step 7



Peel and place the adhesive letters or use chalk or chalk paint to write the days of the week or each family member's initials.