New kitchen lighting can cost a fortune. Set aside a few empty wine bottles to create these delightful pendants.

Step 1


Wash Bottles

Clean the wine bottles and jars with soap and water. If the label's  adhesive does not come off, use a product like Goof Off or Goo Gone. Let bottles dry completely, inside and out. 

Step 2


Cut Bottles

Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the bottle cutter. Wear safety glasses and gloves throughout the project. Place the bottle on the cutter and move cutter to where you want to cut it. Gently turn and press the bottle into the cutter to create a deep cut mark all around.  

Step 3


Tap the Bottle

Use the tapper provided in the bottle cutter kit to gently tap along the scour mark from inside the bottle. You will see and hear it working.

Step 4


Apply Water

Place the bottle in the sink and run very cold water over the cut mark, then remove it. Let the water get really hot and place the cut mark underneath. Alternate between hot and cold water. After a few minutes, the bottom of the bottle should break off.

Step 5


Smooth the Cut

Place the sandpaper flat on a folded tarp, then move the cut edge of the bottle over the sandpaper until you have created a smooth edge. This may take several minutes.

Step 6


Wire the Pendant

Run the end of the cord set through the bottle and through the ring in the socket. Be sure to tie a knot in the cord so the weight of the light fixture is not on the electrical attachment. Place the cord's metal end (strip plastic, if necessary) under the screws on the socket and tighten down. Place bulb in the socket and test. 

Step 7


Add Decorative Touches

Place a small amount of the dark wire into the bottle head to keep it from falling off the bottle, then start to wrap the wire around the bottle. Cut a few pieces and continue on to the bottom. Create a small bend in the wire and hook it onto the lip of the bottle to keep the wire in place.