You might cry over spilled milk, but you will rejoice when spilling paint on these fun planters. Grab an old pot, a funky color combo of cheap craft paint and get to spilling. Better yet, if you have small children, let them do the spilling for you.

Step 1

Gather Your Supplies

You will want to be sure to use a drop cloth of some sort to catch the excess paint.

Step 2


You can spill the paint from top to bottom or, as in this case, turn your pot upside down and spill from bottom to top.

Step 3

Go With the Flow

Liberally spill your paint down the sides of your pot. Start with large globs at the rim and let the paint run down the sides organically. The drips should not look forced or intentional.

Step 4

Layer on Color

Add a second color directly on top of the first glob. This will add weight to the paint and help it drip even more. Continue this with your colors all around the pot.

Step 5

Dry and Display

Allow your paint to dry completely. Add a plant and create a clever display.