Step 1


Measure for the Center

Use a tape measure to determine size of removable panel along back of frame. Take this measurement, then add an additional inch to account for proper overlap needed for screw placement.

Step 2


Measure and Mark

Mark 1/2” plywood to size with pencil or marker referring to the dimensions taken with the tape measure.

Step 3


Cut to Size

Cut the plywood to size using a circular saw.

Step 4


Mark and Drill Holes for Handles

Based on integrated mounting holes, use a tape measure to determine the proper positioning of drawer handles on the front of the picture frame. Mark with pencil or marker, then make two holes into the frame with drill and corresponding drill bit.

Step 5


Attach Handles

Place handles atop drilled holes, then attach with screws using screwdriver or drill.

Step 6


Paint Plywood

Apply two coats of chalkboard paint to the plywood using a roller handle and roller sleeve.

Step 7


Set Plywood in Place

Once paint is dry, use caulk gun to add a bead of liquid bonding adhesive approximately 1/4” in from the edge of the opening along the back of the picture frame. Next, place the chalkboard-painted plywood in its permanent position.

Step 8


Countersink Screws

With the plywood firmly in place, secure it with screws using a screwdriver. Countersink each screw approximately 1/8” beneath surface of plywood. TIP: Countersinking ensures screw heads won’t come loose and cause the tray to sit unevenly when placed on level surfaces or stratch the surface it sits upon.