Upcycle a pair of shipping pallets to create a budget-friendly umbrella stand for an entryway or mudroom. 

Step 1

Dismantle Pallets

Use circular saw to remove the planks from the pallet. By using a circular saw, you’ll have clean edges to work with when building the rectangular storage box.

Step 2

Measure, Mark and Cut the Front and Back Planks

With the planks cut from the pallet, measure and mark them to the desired height and width for your bin.

Use circular saw to cut the front and back planks to the proper size.

Step 3

Brace Front and Back Panels

In order to secure the front and back panels to each other, you’ll need to cut braces from unused planks. Once measured to the width of the front and back panels, cut to size using circular saw. Position the plank perpendicular to the front and back panels, then fasten it in place using 2” nails and hammer.

Step 4

Measure, Mark and Cut the Side Panels

The side panels will be cut at 45-degree angle. This gives the storage box a geometric wedge-like shape. Use a straight edge or another plank of wood to create a perfect line across the planks, then mark using a pencil.

Use circular saw to cut planks for side panels at a 45-degree angle.

Step 5

Brace Side Panels

Measure unused planks to the top and bottom widths of the side panels, cut them to size using circular saw, then secure with hammer and 2” nails.

Step 6

Attach Front and Back Panels to Side Panels

With the help of a friend, pre-assemble the box on a flat, level surface. Next, use drill to secure the front and back panels to the side panels using 2” wood screws and drill approximately 1/4” from the edges of each panel. 

Step 7

Attach Bottom Planks

Measure, mark and cut unused planks to the width of the bottom of the box. Secure to the bottom of the front, back and side panels with drill and 2” wood screws.

Photo by: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Rustic White Photography, LLC