We found two old boxes at a salvage store and turned them into a pair of bathroom mirrors. This easy project requires no power tools and takes just a couple hours to make.

Step 1


Size the Mirror

Bring the box to a glass shop and have them cut the mirror to the box's exact size. Make sure they mark which side is up since some vintage boxes may be slightly off in size. Use lightweight mirror glass.

Step 2

Add Hardware

Attach picture-hanging hardware to the back of the wooden boxes. Make sure they are strong enough to hold the weight of the box and the mirror. Also, make sure the screws do not stick out on the inside of the box where the mirror will be glued down — try to get the screws into the sides of the box.

Step 3


Glue on the Mirror

Spread adhesive glue onto the back of the mirror. Lay the mirror in the box. Place a towel on top of the mirror and something heavy to help keep the mirror in place while the glue dries. Let it dry 24 hours.

Step 4


Add Rope

Cut rope pieces to fit around inside edge of box, covering the edge of the mirror. Glue into place using a hot-glue gun.