Step 1


Find the Pieces

Explore secondhand shops and salvage yards to find exactly the right pieces. Carefully measure the door to make sure that it is wide enough to have a 2-inch overhang on the sides of the coffee table. Paint or refinish the base as desired.

Step 2


Prep the Door

Clean and sand the door to get rid of loose paint and dirt. (Please follow lead laws if you believe you may be working with lead-based paint.)

Step 3


Cut the Door to Size

Determine the exact size of the door. You may want to have a slight overhand all the way around the table base. Use a circular saw to cut the door down.

Step 4


Apply Wax

Spread dark wax on the door to give it a finished look. Make sure to do the edges, especially the edge that was cut. Buff out the wax and do a second coat.

Step 5


Attach Door to Frame

Lay the door face down on a drop cloth. Place the coffee table frame on the back of the door, making sure it is centered and even. Attach the base to the door using L-brackets on all four corners. If necessary, paint L-brackets to match the color of the base.

Step 6


Photo By: Susan Teare

Susan Teare

Add Glass Top

Take exact measurements of top of door and order a piece of tempered glass for the top.