Make a Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

Setting a table with flowers is the easiest way to dress it up for a gathering. For a perfect Thanksgiving table, finding flowers that are a little unusual and give off a hearty, rustic autumn feel is a great way to celebrate the season.

Low-Budget Blooms, High Impact

Beautiful, inexpensive bouquets can be found at a local grocery store, ready for whipping up a perfect fall floral arrangement. This gorgeous arrangement bursts with fall color and was assembled in just a few minutes for a few dollars.

Gather the Right Materials

Many specialty groceries often carry seasonal bouquets; these (from Trader Joe’s) include deep reds, russets and greens. A few cattails will add extra character, and can be ordered online (these came from Crate and Barrel).

Prep the Vase for Flowers

This tutorial from Made + Remade explains exactly how to arrange a grocery store bouquet. Add water to the vase and then tape off a grid using double stick tape.

Add Greenery

Once the grid is taped, begin adding greenery first. This will build the foundation to support the flowers.

Add Flowers

Next, add the big blooms, to make sure there’s enough room for them. Add the other blooms around the bigger ones to fill in gaps.

Trim Stems

Trim each stem to the right length, and then strip the leaves up to where the stem will come up out of the grid, to avoid unnecessary bunching.

Finish With Flair

Once all of the greenery and blooms are in place, add a few extra pieces for height and interest by including some cattails and pieces of greenery that are a few inches taller than the rest of the flowers.

Arranged to Impress

Now you have an impressive (but easy!) arrangement that will bring a rich, warm fall look to your Thanksgiving and harvest celebrations.

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