DIY Bouquet

Pick up flowers from the florist the morning of the wedding and all you need is five minutes to create a gorgeous handheld wedding bouquet.

Step 1


Cut to Size

Bind the flower stems with a thin rubber band to secure the stems tightly together. Use scissors to cut off the bottom of stems to your desired length.

Step 2


Add Plastic

Wrap the flower stems in plastic wrap to get a nice smooth edge all around, stop about 1-1/2” from the bottom of the flowers. This is optional, but it definitely adds a nicer finished look.

Step 3


Secure Ribbon To Stems

Pin one edge of the ribbon to the bottom of the flowers.

Step 4


Wrap Ribbon

Start wrapping the ribbon around the flower stems, moving your way up with the ribbon as you go.

Step 5


Pin at The Top

When you get to the top of the plastic wrap or where you want the ribbon to end. Cut the ribbon and fold the ribbon edge under 1/4” and pin in place.

Step 6


Add a Bow

You may finish here with a nice gorgeous handheld wedding bouquet or you can add a bow. Simply tie a 24” piece of ribbon around the upper edge and make a bow. Cut and finish ribbon bow edges with Fray Check.