By using various shades of your favorite color, you can sew a budget-friendly stocking that your family will love, all the while keeping your house on trend for Christmas.

Step 1


Line Up Fabric Strips

Lay the 4” fabric strips out in order, so that they go from lightest to darkest.

Step 2


Sew Light to Dark

Place the first (lightest) color and the second color right sides together, and sew along one of the long edges. Press seam open. Continue repeating this with all of the fabric strips, with the color getting darker and darker as you go, until you have them all sewn together in one large piece of fabric.

Step 3


Cut New Fabric Strips

Turn fabric right-side up, and cut into 4” strips going from top to bottom, so that each new strip has all of the graduated colors on it.

Step 4


Alternate Strips

Take your new strips and alternate them so that the first strip is one square higher than the next. Do this for every other strip. You want the colors to complement one another and stand out. See the arrows in the photo for clarity.

Step 5


Sew Alternating Strips

Sew the long edges of the strips right sides together, with the new alternating strips lined up. Press open seams.

Step 6


Cut Out Stocking Pieces

Using your ombre stocking pattern pieces, cut out two external stocking pieces from your ombre fabric, two lining pieces, two interfacing or cotton batting pieces and one stocking loop.

Step 7


Make the Loop

Take your stocking loop fabric and fold right sides together so that the long raw edges meet up together. Sew along the outer long edge. Using a safety pin attached to one edge, turn the fabric tube so that it is right-side out, with the seam on the inside of the tube. Press.

Step 8


Sew on Loop

Fold the stocking loop in half so that the raw ends meet up together. Pin the raw edges to the top edge of one of your ombre stocking pieces, approximately 1 inch away from the back of the stocking. Baste-stitch raw loop edges to the top of the stocking to secure.

Step 9


Sew Sides Together

Place the front and back of the ombre stocking right sides together and sew along the outer edges. Do not sew the top of stocking, just around the outside edges.

Step 10


Turn Right-Side Out

Turn the stocking right-side out, and use your hand to gently press out all of the edges. Press.

Step 11


Sew In Interface Lining

Take your interfacing or cotton batting and adhere to the wrong side of each lining stocking piece. Either baste-stitch your cotton batting or interfacing along the outer edges to each lining piece, or iron on depending upon your interfacing/cotton batting instructions.

Step 12


Sew Tops Together

Place the lining stocking pieces right sides together, and sew around the outer edges, leaving the bottom of the foot open for turning later. Do not sew the top of the stocking, just around the outer edges. Next, slip the lining stocking around the outside of your exterior ombre stocking, so that they are right sides together. Match up the side seams along the top edge. Pin together, and sew around the top edge.

Step 13


Flip and Finish!

Turn the stocking right-side out through the bottom opening in your lining stocking on the foot. Sew the opening closed, and push the lining inside of the ombre stocking. Using your hand inside of the stocking, push out all edges. Press, and you are finished!