Keep It Simple

You can use burlap or canvas to make this Christmas stocking. Either one will give you a natural, rustic look.

Step 1


Tools and Materials

For this simple stocking, you will need the downloadable stocking pattern; 1/2 yard of burlap or canvas fabric; 1/2 yard cotton fabric for lining; chalkboard contact paper or chalkboard vinyl fabric; and basic sewing essentials (pins, scissors, thread and a sewing machine).

Step 2


Cut the Pattern

Cut out the pieces as instructed on the stocking pattern. You should have two exterior fabric pieces, two lining pieces and one exterior fabric stocking loop piece. Cut out an accent piece from your chalkboard fabric or paper. It should be no wider than the width of your stocking.

Step 3


Attach Chalkboard

If you are using chalkboard contact paper, remove the back paper from your chalkboard paper. Stick it onto the front of one of the exterior stocking pieces. Sew around the edges to secure. If you are using chalkboard vinyl, pin it in place and simply sew around the edges using a roller foot.

Step 4


Attach Loop

Sew the raw edges of the stocking loop pieces. Do this either by serging them or using a zigzag stitch over the raw edges. Fold the stocking loop so that the short ends meet to create a little loop. Place the raw ends of the loop along the top raw edge of one of the exterior pieces, toward the back of the stocking. Pin it in place and then baste-stitch to secure.

Step 5


Sew Exterior Pieces

Place the two exterior pieces right sides together, and sew along the outer edges. Do not sew the top of the stocking, simply the sides. Turn the stocking right-side out, and use your hand to gently push out all the rounded edges.

Step 6


Sew Lining

Place the two stocking lining pieces right sides together, and sew along the outer edges. Leave a 4" to 5” opening along the bottom of the foot (this will be for turning the stocking right-side out later). Do not turn right-side out at this time.

Step 7


Add Lining

Slip the lining around the stocking exterior so that they are right sides together. Match up the side seams along the top edge. Pin them together, and sew around the top edge. Turn the stocking right-side out through the bottom opening in your lining stocking on the foot. Sew the opening closed, and push the lining inside of the stocking. Use your hand to once again gently push out all the curved edges.

Step 8


You're Done!

You have a wonderful burlap Christmas stocking that will look great hung on the fireplace mantel. And the best part is you can personalize it any which way you want, year after year.