How to Make White Pumpkin Place Card Holders

It's always a challenge to come up with innovative ways to label seats. For Thanksgiving, white pumpkins decorated with Sharpie marker patterns create seasonal, modern, beautiful place card holders.

Pumpkin Play

Decorated with black Sharpie pen, plain white pumpkins become striking works of art. These steps show you how to make a simple vine pattern. You can also mimic patterns shown here on other pumpkins or try out patterns of your own.

Gather Your Pumpkins and Pens

Mini white pumpkins can be found at a local farmer’s market, as well as chain grocers, like Trader Joe’s. Grab up a few and hunt around for some permanent markers. Experiment with black, gold, silver or copper.

Create a Pattern

For a kind of vine trellis pattern, start by drawing a line straight up through every other section of the pumpkin. Then draw little arrows pointing down.

Round It Out

Go back around to round out the ends of all the arrows, giving them a more natural shape like a leaf.

Simple is Better

The result? This simple pattern took all of five minutes.

Make the Place Card

In order to make the place card, you can use black cardstock and a paper punch, or simply cut out a square of the cardstock.

Write Each Name

Use a white gel pen to write the guest’s name on the black cardstock.

Slit the Stem

Using a razor knife, make a shallow horizontal slit in the stem of the pumpkin to hold the name card.

Place the Card

Place the card in the slit. Finished!

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