Step 1


Make Template and Cut Burlap

Cut a piece of cardboard the size of a postcard. It will serve as a template to cut the burlap. Line up the cardboard with the lines in the burlap. To make four tags, we cut eight pieces in a 1/2 yard of material.

Step 2


Paint the Stencil

Lay four of the eight burlap pieces on a paper bag. (The other four will be used for the back of the tags.) Place a stencil in the middle of each piece of burlap, then tape them down to the canvas and paper bag. Hold the stencil down and dab the lighter color paint straight down onto the burlap. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry completely.

Step 3


Add a Second Color

Place the stencil back on the burlap, slightly off center of the previously painted letter so just a little of the first color will show through. Dab on the second paint color. Remove the stencil and let dry completely.

Step 4


Sew the Fronts and Backs

Use straight pins to attach the unpainted pieces of burlap to the painted pieces. Fold over one or two pieces of ribbon (we used two) to create the hook for the tag. Pin the ribbon(s) between the two pieces of burlap. Sew straight lines around the letter. Make sure the ribbon hook is stitched in so it will stay in place.

Step 5


Fray the Edges

Create a fringe at the edges of the burlap by gently pulling on the end strings. Go close to the sewed line, but not right up against it.