How to Make Christmas Tree Cake Toppers

Learn how to make snow-covered Christmas tree cake toppers using ice cream cones and candy. Use these on a wedding cake, holiday cake or cupcake.

By: The Cake Blog

Old-fashioned sugar cones are covered in sparkling white candy to make a yummy forest of cake toppers.

- cylinder ice cream sugar cones in various sizes
- candy melts (white)
- sparkling sugar, sanding sugar and sugar pearls

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Melt the white candy coating in a microwave as directed on its package. Stir until it is smooth.

Dip the ice cream cones into hte melted candy. If your bowl is not deep enough to dip straight down, roll the cone on its side. Let the excess candy drip off.

Sprinkle the cones with sanding sugar, sugar pearls or sprinkles. Hold the cone on two fingers so you don't leave any finger marks. Sprinkle, until all areas of the cone are covered. Sprinkle the cone over a bowl so you can catch the extra sprinkles and reuse them later for touch ups. If you use waffle cones, break a little bit off to even out the bottom, so that the cone will stand up on its own before coating.

Set the cones onto parchment or wax paper until hardened. This is a good time to touch up any areas you missed. They firm up nice and quick and will actually be quite solid once set. Place them on top of a cake or cupcake for a super easy decoration.



Photo by: Half Baked,

Half Baked,

Sparkling Christmas Tree Cake Topper

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