For a personal handmade touch, create this easy and inexpensive cake topper.

Step 1

DIY Cake Topper Step 1

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The Photo Love

Tools and Materials

For this sweet project, you will need 16-gauge black wire, forged steel jewelry pliers, wire cutters and a printed text template. Print off template here.

Step 2

DIY Cake Topper Step 2

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The Photo Love

Shaping the Letters

Cut the wire 10 times the length of the template. Using the jewelry pliers, begin bending and shaping the letters following along with the cursive template. Get creative and add a heart to dot the “i.”

Step 3

DIY Cake Topper Step 3

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The Photo Love

Finishing the Topper

Continue to bend and shape the wire using the jewelry pliers letter by letter until the cake topper is complete. Using the wire cutters, trim the wire at the end, leaving about 3 to 4 inches to insert into the cake.