DIY Garter Belt

Make a garter for your big day and let it add to the tradition and fun of the wedding reception.

Step 1


Measure Your Leg

Use a tape measure to determine the circumference of your thigh. Place it exactly where you want the garter to rest.

Step 2


Cut Lace

Cut a piece of lace three inches less than your thigh measurement. You want it to be snug so it won't slip during the ceremony.

Step 3


Sew Lace

Fold lace in half (right sides together), and pin short edge together. Sew.

Step 4


Secure Seam

Open up seam, and then pin down side seam edges. Sew around in the shape of a rectangle to secure the seam.

Step 5


Add Embellishments

Use a thread and needle to hand sew on the embellishments.

Step 6


Rhinestone + Flower Duo

We used a fancy rhinestone button and a black lace flower; both were purchased at a craft store. The button was stitched onto the flower.

Step 7


Add Flower to Garter

Sew the back of the flower directly onto the right side of your lace garter, opposite the seam side. You can do this with any embellishment chosen, just carefully hand stitch directly onto the right side of your garter. Do not sew all the way around. Only sew on one side, because you need the garter to stretch.

Step 8



And you are finished. Just don’t throw it during the reception if you want to keep it as a memento!