DIY Veil

Whether you want a modern or classic wedding, every bride deserves a gorgeous wedding veil to walk down the aisle in. And knowing that you made it yourself makes it even more special!

Step 1


Veil Lengths

The measurements below are based on the standard veil lengths as sold in stores, and assuming you are placing the veil on the top of your head. For more specific measurements, use a measuring tape and measure from where you want the veil to sit on your head to its final resting point on your body. Then add one inch.

Veil Lengths:
Shoulder 22”
Elbow 25”
Waist 30”
Mid-Hip 33”
Hip 36”
Fingertip 45”
Waltz 54”
Ankle 70”
Chapel 90”
Cathedral 108”

Step 2


Cut Tulle

Cut one piece of tulle to your desired length x 3 yards wide. Cut the tulle in a single layer, do not fold it up and cut it all at once. If you cut it while folded, you may get jagged edges. We are making a classic one-tier veil. If you want a double tier, simply cut two pieces based on your desired length, one for each tier level.

Step 3


Gathering Stitch

Sew a line of gathering stitches along the top edge of the veil. (A gathering stitch is essentially a long basting stitch, with the ends not stay-stitched).

Step 4


Pull Bobbin Threads

Gather the top of the veil by pulling the bobbin threads on either side.

Step 5


Gather Veil

Gather the top of the veil as much as you can, until it is about the same size as your hair comb.

Step 6


Sew Gathered Top

Use a regular stitch to sew over the top gathered edge, pushing the gathered veil as close together as possible while going through the machine. You want to really make it a nice tight gathered top. This will secure your gathered veil together.

Step 7


Examine Your Work

You should now have something that looks like this.

Step 8


Create Clean Line

Cut off the excess gathered ends to make the tulle a nice clean line.

Step 9


Sew to Comb

Flip over the comb so that it is wrong side against the veil. Line up the top of the veil with the top of the comb. Use a thread and needle to secure the gathered end of the veil around the top of the comb.

Step 10


Sew Entire Comb

Make sure you loop through the entire top end of the comb with the thread.

Step 11


Flip Over

Flip the comb back over. Your veil should now cover the stitches.

Step 12


Add Ribbon

Add a nice silk ribbon to the bottom of the veil. Simply sew the ribbon right side up, directly onto the right side of the veil’s hem. Sew the ribbon directly on top of the tulle, along the entire bottom edge. You can either use Fray Check on the ends of the ribbon when finished, or fold the ribbon under 1/4” when sewing.

Step 13


Pretty As a Picture

Now push the comb into your hair to secure and wear with pride!