Tools and Materials

For this project you will need: 1/2 yard netting tulle; rhinestone applique; thread and needle; plastic headband; 3 yards of silk ribbon; binder clips; fast, clear drying craft glue; scrap piece of white fabric (cotton, felt or wool).

Step 1


Wrap Headband with Ribbon

Skip this step if you already have a white silk headband. You might be able to find one at a craft store in the wedding section. If not, here’s how to make a white silk headband:
Add a drop of glue to the bottom inside of the plastic headband. Place the wrong side of the end of the ribbon on top of the glue and then start wrapping the ribbon around the headband. Wrap carefully making sure not to get any creases in the ribbon.

Step 2


Ribbon Complete

When you get to the other end of the headband with the ribbon, add another drop of glue to the bottom and secure the ribbon, cutting the end. Use a binder clip to hold into place until the glue dries.

Step 3


Trace Applique

Place the rhinestone applique on top of the scrap fabric. Use a pen to draw around the image directly onto the fabric. Cut the shape out of fabric. Set aside for a moment.

Step 4


Thread Netting

Using a thread and needle, gently loop the thread over and under the top edge of your netting until you get to the other side. Make sure you have enough thread to hang off of both edges of the top of the netting.

Step 5


Gather Tulle

Gently pull the thread’s edges on both sides, gathering the tulle along the top edge. Gather the tulle until the top edge is the same size in length as the rhinestone applique.

Step 6


Sew Tulle to Headband

Once again, use a thread and needle to sew the top edge of the gathered-tulle netting to the top of the headband (or off to the side if you would prefer it on an angle).

Step 7


Clip Tulle to Headband

Gather the bottom edge of the tulle netting into a binder clip to keep it all together and out of the way in the next steps.

Step 8


Glue Applique to Headband

Place fast-drying glue on the bottom of the rhinestone applique and on the top of the fabric shape you cut out. Carefully place the rhinestone applique over the top of the gathered tulle netting on the headband. Place the fabric shape underneath, sandwiching the headband in between. Match up all sides and use binder clips to secure in place.

Step 9


Wait to Dry

Make sure the netting is sandwiched in between the headband and the applique. Keep the bottom of the tulle netting out of the way and keep the binder clips in place while the glue fully dries.

Step 10


Stitch Tulle to Base of Headband

When the glue is dry, use a needle and thread to attach the bottom-side edges of the netting with one or two stitches to the bottom of each side of the headband. This will make sure the tulle stays in place elegantly in front of your eyes.

Step 11



You now have an elegant, handmade headpiece to wear for your wedding.