DIY Weddings: Projects and Ideas for Centerpieces

Find unique floral centerpieces for your wedding or go beyond flowers and try something new to decorate your wedding reception.

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Culinary Creation

Do you have a green thumb? Try this cute idea from, and line the tables with eye-catching herbs in bright tin cans. It's a simple touch that would also make a great wedding favor. Photo by Brightwood Photography

Basic Burlap

Add rustic flair to any floral centerpiece by wrapping the vase in burlap. The look works especially well when using tall, skinny vases as shown here.

Uniform Flowers

With so much mixing and matching of patterns, this is a great opportunity to make a statement with bold monochromatic arrangements. Artfully arrange dozens of bright pink ranunculus in a single gold vase to create a striking focal point in the center of the table. Courtesy of Camille Styles, editor of

Preppy and Sweet

For a classic demure design, opt for simple white daisies. For a little something extra, add lace or pearls to the vase.

Double-Duty Dessert Tray

A three-tiered dessert tray is a great tool for displaying a pretty grouping of candles and greenery. Add visual interest by using herbs and vegetables with different textures, like the artichokes displayed here.

Sugar Magnolia

Paper flowers are a great departure from traditional floral arrangements, but they can still make a strong visual impact. For this garland, we made paper magnolia blossoms and attached them to real magnolia branches, then arranged them all down the length of the table. Design by

Statement Piece

Keep flowers basic with multi-colored blooms, and instead add interest through the vessel you place the flowers in. Search thrift and antique stores or even your own home for cool urns that will make a statement.

Simply Elegant

Talk about taking it to new heights and lengths. You can't help saying "wow" when looking at this exquisite runner of pretty white hydrangeas.

Antique Tea Pots

At this wedding, a variety of vintage silver tea pots were filled with beautiful summer hues.

Tissue, Please

Created from an empty tissue box, this project from Crème de la Craft is both unbelievably chic and budget friendly. Just add fresh flowers to complete the look.

Outside of the Box

A pearly white birdcage adds a romantic touch as a centerpiece or fun addition to the guest book table. Fill the cage with vibrant blooms for an extra special touch.

Rustic Organic

Play up an organic color palette by combining cream flowers with green and sage foliage, including rosemary and olive branches. The Byrd Collective used neutral hues to create beautiful small arrangements in old repurposed bottles then scattered them down the length of the table. Courtesy of Camille Styles, editor of

Produce Piled High

For a simple but beautiful non-floral centerpiece, spray paint a compote or urn bright gold. Fill the compote with clementines and garnish with fresh mint sprigs for a centerpiece that infuses the table with beautiful color — and makes for a delicious snack or dessert for guests. Courtesy of Camille Styles, editor of


To add a sense of festive abundance to the table, get creative with non-floral centerpieces that can be used for a holiday wedding. Classic silver ball ornaments add interest when piled high in a silver compote or displayed in apothecary and bell jars. Fill in any empty spaces with mercury glass votives, taper candlesticks, additional ornaments and oversized pinecones. Design by

Tea Time

It's a tea party for grownups when you use the quaint vessels to hold your elegant arrangements.

Youthful Surprise

For a relaxed wedding full of whimsy, encourage guests to remember their younger years by making a few of these adorable pinwheels for each table. Find instructions here.

Just Beachy

To keep things inexpensive, use interesting elements found in nature to give your beach-themed tables some coastal flair. Driftwood, potted succulents and shells are great options for a small budget.

Make a Splash

Bring the table to life with a touch of kitsch. Goldfish bowl centerpieces are a great non-floral alternative. They are economical and easy to assemble and they are sure to keep the atmosphere light and festive. Design by

Citrus Surprise

To hide stems and create a fresh, summer look, slice citrus fruit and line the inside of your vase. It's a small detail that makes a huge difference.

Steampunk Style

Steampunk decor is all about industrial touches with a collected-over-time vibe. Combine vintage oil cans, mixed brass containers and various gears and gadgets for the perfect steampunk centerpiece.

The Perfect Mix

Don't forget about berries and greenery when choosing your flower arrangement. Flowers may be the star of the show, but these interesting touches add color and texture and simply look amazing.

DIY Table Numbers

Make you own basic table numbers to lean against a classic floral centerpiece. You'll save money and still create an elegant display.

Water Bottle Table Numbers

This easy and inexpensive project can be used after the wedding as cute kitchen decor. Design by

Summer Blooms

Display florals in vintage silver pitchers and vases for a classic, polished look. Loosely arrange white garden roses and polar star roses with green camellia leaves and Queen Anne's lace, then add a pop of preppy color with sprigs of lavender muscari. Design by

Spring Fever

Perfect for spring, a colorful grouping of grass and tulips is a fresh take on generic floral centerpieces. Design by Kim Foren of Geranium Lake

Soft and Subtle

Fresh fruit and floating candles add a light, airy look to this gorgeous white and green table.

Single Rose

For a fairytale effect, place a single rose in a glass or vase. Then disperse multiple glasses around each table.

You're No. 1

Today of all days, it's clear you're a winner! Show it off with cool vintage trophies that can be used as vases for flowers, silverware or other knickknacks.

Unexpected Mix

Bring in color with natural but unexpected ways by mixing bright flowers with fresh citrus.

Kick Off Your Boots

Barn wedding are still all the rage, but classy equestrian decor is an updated twist on the popular rustic theme. Leather riding boots look pretty and unique as vases for lovely bouquets.

Colorful Retro

Creating modern floral arrangements that don't look overly sparse can be tricky. The Byrd Collective used two rectangular glass vases to create monochromatic bunches of complementary flowers. By grouping together yellow blooms in different varieties, like dahlias, daffodils and billy balls, florals instantly take on a brighter and more contemporary look. Design by

Winter White

White garden roses, Queen Anne’s lace and ranunculus altogether give the feel of a frosted winter wonderland, and they bring a natural element to the table’s sage and ivory color palette. Create small arrangements in vintage silver vases and bowls, then place along the wooden runner. Design by

Not So Serious

Stunning for spring, a few beautiful calla lillies in an interesting grouping of old colored bottles exudes a fun, relaxed vibe.

Branch Out

Display a beautiful low grouping of flowers with stunning branches to mix things up as well as allow guests to see each other better from all sides of the table.

Nod to Nautical

Nothing says beach wedding like a mini ship in a bottle, but if this project seems too advanced for your DIY skills, consider including a message in a bottle instead.

Lovely and Local

If your wedding will be in a tropical location, take advantage of the local flora and introduce guests to exciting new blooms on each table.

Candelabra Combo

Want candles and flowers but don't have enough table space? Incorporate your flowers around a traditional candelabra for a colorful, romantic display.

Vintage Elegance

If you're planning a sophisticated southern wedding, local flowers in vintage milk jugs will make a major statement.

So Cloche

Show off your theme, and put your favorite items on display by incorporating classic cloches on every table. Book risers, as seen here, are a great idea for literary lovers.

Swimming in Sophistication

For absolute elegance, an all-white floral arrangement with gorgeous baby's breath draped over the side cannot be beat.

Lots of Lavender

Can't you just smell that relaxing summer scent? A simple pot of lavender on each table is sure to evoke happy feelings for your guests. Bonus? That purple hue is amazing!

Personal Touch

Give each guest a dazzling arrangment of their own with a mini vase full of lavender cuttings. Add each guest's name to the vases for instant name cards.

Glass Half Full

Skip the traditional vases and opt for a more fun arrangement by putting your flowers in oversized martini glasses.

Intricate and Edible

You may be used to giving fruit baskets as gifts, but a basket as beautiful and intricate as this one is meant to be on full display.

Something Simple

Wood cuttings and wildflowers are the perfect centerpiece option for a rustic, woodsy wedding. The cuttings can even double as table markers.