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Make a beautiful pew marker from silk roses, ivy, silk ribbon and pearls. The embellishments are up to you.
embellish bow with silk roses,ivy and pearls

embellish bow with silk roses,ivy and pearls

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Materials and Tools:

Satin twist ribbon
Satin ribbon
Silk roses
Silk ivy
Spray bottle with water
Hot-glue gun and glue
Strung pearls
White cloth-wrapped wire
Over-the-door wreath hanger
Raffia ribbon


1. Untwist the silk ribbon. Because it is intended to keep some of the wrinkles for character, it will be a bit crinkled. Spray the ribbon lightly with water, and smooth it out with your hands. This will make the ribbon wider while it retains its wrinkled appearance. Let dry.

2. The silk bow is made from separate loops that are wired together. To make one loop, cut a piece of silk ribbon 24" long. Spread a bead of hot glue along one end of the ribbon, and glue the other end to it, forming a circle. Bring opposite sides of the circle together, forming a loop on each side. Pinch the ribbon in the center, and tie a cloth-wrapped wire around it. Make a total of four loops.

3. Cut two 36" pieces of ribbon for streamers. Fold each streamer in half, and cut a V on the ends to finish the tails.

4. Grasp the tails in the center, and add the four loops, piling them on top of each other. Tie a piece of cloth-wrapped wire around the center, securing the loops and streamers together. Trim off the wire.

5. Hot-glue the bow to the top of an over-the-door wreath hanger. Hot-glue one of the tails to the bottom of the wreath hanger.

6. Wind off a yard of raffia ribbon from the bolt. There will be several strands. Grasp all strands, make one loop to the right and one to the left, and secure the loops by tying cloth-wrapped wire around the center.

7. Curl the ends of the raffia ribbon by pulling each one across the blade of a pair of scissors as when wrapping a package. Hot-glue the raffia bow to the base of the silk bow.

8. Embellish as you like by hot-gluing on silk roses, smaller silk flowers, silk ivy and pearls.

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