Bridal Favors: "Fore Ever" Golf Balls

Learn how to make "Fore Ever" golf ball party favors, a gift that the sports fans at your wedding will enjoy.
personalized golf ball and tees make unique favors

personalized golf ball and tees make unique favors

"Fore Ever" Golf Balls

"Fore Ever" Golf Balls

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Materials and Tools:

golf balls
golf tees
small 3"x3" cardboard jewelry boxes
decorative ribbon
craft glue
decorative paper
paper glue
fabric dye


1. Use craft glue to glue a decorative ribbon around the lower portion of the box.

2. Print the bride's and groom's initials and the words "Fore Ever" on a piece of decorative paper; trim the paper to 2-3/4" square.

3. Center the paper over the top of the lid and glue in place using paper glue.

4. If desired, soak the golf balls in a dye bath ( mix per dye manufacturer’s instructions) for approximately half an hour.

5. Fill a box with moss, place the golf ball in the center and circle golf tees around the ball.

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