Bridal-Chair Swag

DIY Network wedding expert Beverly Clark shows how to create a unique bridal accessory, a bridal-chair swag.
swags tied to back of chairs using extra ribbon

swags tied to back of chairs using extra ribbon

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Materials and Tools:

4' silk ivy strand
One spool paddle wire
Wright'sB. or OffrayB. ribbon, 2 to 2 1/2" wide
Assorted silk flowers with stems, in a variety of colors
One bunch dried white baby's breath
Glue gun with glue sticks


1. Take the ivy strand and fold it in half, doubling it for thickness.
Measure two 48" lengths of ribbon. Fold each in half. Attach to the ends of the swag with wire.

2. Make two four-loop bows with two loops to the right and two to the left. Finish the bow with an extra loop in the center, and tie a piece of floral wire through all the loops, leaving enough wire to tie it to the ivy strand. Leave 15" tails.

3. Carefully wire the bows onto each end of the ivy swag.

4. Trim stems of assorted silk flowers close to the flower, then hot-glue flowers throughout the ivy swag.
Hot-glue sprigs of preserved fresh baby's breath around the swag to fill in extra spaces.

5. Tie each end of the swag to the back of the chair, using the 48" ribbon lengths on each end to tie a bow to the chair.


Use plain ivy or ivy with grape clusters.

Use several different colors of ribbon, depending on the color scheme and the overall design of the swag.

Once you have the ivy base, select various shades of silk flowers, or purchase fresh flowers to wire into the swag that day.

For a dressier look, weave a sheer green 7/8" ribbon through the ivy strand.

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