Determine Dimensions and Design

Determine the height of the workbench by deciding if you want to stand or sit at it. The common height of a sit-down workbench is 30 inches.

Step 1


Cut the Wood

Cut four legs. Mortise the top of each leg. The workbench will be assembled in two large pieces. The front legs and back legs are connected separately by cross pieces.

Step 2

Attach the Legs

Using a square, line up one of the legs to a cross beam. At the top of the leg and cross beam, pre-drill holes for screws. Attach screws.

Step 3


Hide the Lag Bolts

On the side of the leg, pre-drill two holes for two 4-inch lag bolts. Insert the lag bolts and round washers. Set the lag bolts and washers farther into the wood. Repeat for all four legs.

Step 4


Attach the Middle Supports

Attach support pieces to middle of legs. Repeat step 4 with square washers and 8” lag screws to connect the front and back of workbench. The lag bolts and washers will sit flush to the wood. Reinforce intersection with screws.

Step 5


Add the Top Support

Cross pieces at the top of the workbench are needed to support the poured concrete countertop. Attach those pieces with lag screws and square washers. Reinforce intersection with screws.