Random Weave Basket

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let imagination be guide in making random basket

let imagination be guide in making random basket

Use the vine of your choosing to create these unique random weave baskets.

Materials and Tools:

hand-held garden pruning clippers
needle nose pliers
kudzu and wisteria vines, used for weaving
grape vines to build frames


1. When doing the random weave basket, you will start with a loop of vine, which can be any diameter you feel comfortable with. You just need to make sure the ends stay tucked in without coming out.

2. On that loop, you will loosely wrap another vine, allowing it to dangle, leaving six or seven loops you will weave around to form the shape of the basket.

3. You will add as many vines as desired, always tucking in the ends, so they will remain in place when the basket is dry.

4. By pulling the weaver vine tighter, you will draw the vines closer, and will fill in open spaces of the basket.

5. There is no real pattern for the basket, and the shape can be anything you have in mind, but the end result is rarely exactly to your original idea.

Project designed by Mark Barnes.

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