Photo Album Cover

How to make a photo album cover using fabric and batting.
fabric covered album holds family photo memories

fabric covered album holds family photo memories

An album that's worthy of your most treasured family photos.

Photo by: Lucie Rowe

Lucie Rowe

One thing I've discovered is that this project works best with one of those albums that screws apart — three-ring binders work okay, but they're much more of a challenge to cover using this technique.

Remove the screws and take the album apart — then you can just cover the back and the front separately.

Use scissors to cut a piece of batting to fit both covers.

Give the outside of one album cover a light coating of spray adhesive; let it set until it's tacky. (Do this if you already have some spray adhesive at home — it's not absolutely essential to apply an adhesive to hold the batting.) Set the batting in place.

Tip: Always use spray adhesives in a well-ventilated area.

Cut a piece of fabric for each cover, measuring 2" bigger all around than the covers themselves. Center it over one cover and flip the whole thing over.

Using your trusty glue gun, run a bead of glue along one side and press the fabric over the glue.

Do the same on the opposite side so you'll get a tight fit, then do the remaining sides, saving the corners for last .

Apply a drop of glue to the corner of the fabric, finger-pleat the corner and stick it down.

To cover the raw edges, apply either a fabric-covered piece of cardboard or a piece of handmade paper, cut to fit the inside of the cover. Glue in place with either high-tack spray adhesive or hot glue.

Tip: If you use handmade paper and you find that it's too thin, adhere a piece of heavier paper to one side, using spray adhesive.

Use a pair of scissors to poke through the holes where the screws will be reattached.

Repeat with the other cover, then reassemble the book. If you wish, you can add decorations such as sewing findings (satin-cord frog closings, etc.)

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