Mosaic Garden Stepping Stone

Learn how to make a mosaic stepping stone to add a creative touch to the garden.


Figure Co-hosts Vicki Payne and Sloan Payne-Rutter show you how to make a great mosaic stone to add your own creative touch to the garden.

Materials and Tools:

wood square (2' x 2')
nonstick canned cooking spray
strapping tape/duct tape
(4) 2" terra cotta flower pots broken into 24 pieces
24 river stones
24 pieces of slate
Mosaic cutters
cup and water
spray bottle filled with water
pencils or wooden sticks
pizza box (we used medium sized)
rubber Gloves
dust mask
piece of plastic
decorative hook


  1. Remove top from pizza box. Layout design of flower pot pieces, river stone and slate on the removed pizza box top. Note: You will have a limited amount of time to work with concrete, so having this laid out ahead of time is crucial.
  2. Reinforce the sides and corners of the pizza box using tape. Spray the inside of the pizza box with nonstick cooking spray. This will allow the stone to slip right out.
  3. Using your Mosaic cutters (be sure and wear safety glasses), cut the terra cotta pots into pieces. What you will be using is the lip around the top of the pot . Cut it into small pieces (you need to get 24 total pieces from the 4 pots). You will decorate with these pieces, plus you will use the bottom of the terra cotta pots as well to decorate.
    Note: You could also use china, old broken dishes, ceramic tile, glass, etc.
  4. Mix the concrete to correct consistency in bucket. You want it mushy, but not soupy. We used 5 cups concrete with 1-3/4 cup water, but yours may vary.
  5. Before you pour the cement into the pizza box, place the box on a piece of 2' x 2' wood . Once you pour the cement you will not be able to lift the pizza box because it will be too flimsy. Pour the cement into a reinforced pizza box and using your trowel evenly distribute and smooth the surface.
    Note: It is a good idea to wear the dust mask when you are working with powders, plus the safety goggles and even gloves. A good way to clean out the bucket is to simply put water in it and let it set for a couple of hours until all the cement settles to the bottom. Then, pour off the water and scrape out the cement left in the bottom of the bucket.
  6. Begin placing terra cotta flower pot pieces, slate, and river stones in concrete according to design. You have until the stone begins to crack at placement of pieces (approximately 20 minutes) to set the stones in place. You can redampen with spray bottle once. If you try to add stones once the cement has started to set up, you will really break down the strength of it. Allow the stone to set for 48 hours (or according to manufacturer's directions).
  7. Carefully remove stepping stone from box, and place on sticks or pencils to elevate it and to allow the air to circulate around it.
  8. Once you've placed your stone on sticks or pencils, spray the top with mist bottle and cover it over lightly with plastic wrap. Repeat misting once a day for 5 days. If the stone is going to be placed in the garden just for looks, it will be ready to go after 5 days. The total cure time is about 28 days if it is going to be used as a stepping stone.
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