Monogrammed Looking-Glass Mirror

Look closely, because with a special spray paint and a design of your choosing, it's easy to transform an ordinary piece of glass into a beautiful monogrammed mirror.
glass transformed into monogrammed mirror

glass transformed into monogrammed mirror

Materials and Tools:

medium frame with glass
clear self-adhesive paper
thin permanent marker
large, reversed initial monogram printout from the computer
Krylon Looking Glass spray paint
pastel paper (same size of the frame)
sewing pin
drop cloth
craft knife


1. Begin with a mirror image of the monogram to be placed on the mirror. Lay contact paper over the printed, reversed monogram and trace around the letter with a thin permanent marker. Use scissors to trim around the letter (if the letter has loops or other small details, it may be best to cut those sections out with a craft knife before cutting out the rest of the letter).

2. Disassemble the frame and make sure the glass is clean. Lay the glass over the printed monogram and use as a guide. Remove the paper backing from the monogram and stick monogram to the glass at the top center, keeping allowances for the frame edge in mind during placement. Use a paper-towel-wrapped around a finger to burnish the edges of the letter securely to the glass.

3. Working in a well-ventilated area and on a drop cloth, shake paint can vigorously for 2 minutes (repeat for 10 seconds after each minute of use). Starting on the side of the glass with the monogram, holding the can 8"-10" from the glass, spray in a sweeping motion, starting on one side of the glass and continuing to the other side. Apply 7-10 very thin coats, waiting one minute between each coat. The finish dries in 5-10 minutes and can be handled after one hour.

4. After one hour, gently remove the monogram. A sewing pin can be used to help pry up the edge of the monogram.

5. Assemble the mirror by first placing pastel paper behind the monogram. As a finishing touch, add a black backing to all of the painted glass and replace the frame.

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