Create a Grouping

Gather a bunch of lanterns ranging in height, shape, style and finish. For the best results, stick with odd numbers. Based on a 6’ tall ladder, collections of 7, 9, 12 and 15 work best for proper spacing.

Step 1


Mark Rope

It’s important for the lanterns to hang at different heights to achieve a randomly-spaced effect. But, no lantern should hang lower than 36” above the top of the table. When you determine the proper lengths for each rope, double each of those lengths to account for double-knotting the rope. Mark the rope at the proper measurements.

Step 2


Cut Rope

Use the utility knife to cut rope to size.

Step 3


Add Double Knot

Create a double knot by looping a cut strand of rope into itself. Feed the rope through the handle of each lantern, then pull the two ends of the rope through the loop.

Step 4


Drill Holes Into Ladder

Use a drill and 1-1/2" paddle bit to make holes into the sides of the ladder. These holes will be used to suspend the ladder from a ceiling, arbor or pergola.

Step 5


Suspend Ladder With Rope

Based on intended height, cut sisal rope to size. Feed the rope through the holes then suspend ladder. If you are attaching the ladder to a ceiling, insert heavy-duty hook eyes into the joists. For installations in which the ladder will be suspended from an arbor or pergola, the rope can simply be tied around joist boards. If you are permanently suspending the lanterns from an arbor or pergola, use a drill and 1-1/2" drill bit to add holes directly through joist boards. Then secure the ladder with rope and bailing wire.

Step 6


Attach Lanterns

Cut bailing wire in 8” long pieces. Hold each lantern up in its intended spot and tie its rope to the ladder rungs. Then secure the lanterns in place with bailing wire.

Step 7


Add Candles

Once all lanterns are securely hung, add candles and light them up.