Step 1


Prep the Board

Wear a mask. Clean the board with a shop vac to get any paint flakes off. Wipe down with a damp rag. Measure the board, and plan out your design on paper.

Pro Tip

If you can't find the right-sized piece of salvaged wood, buy a new one, paint it, then distress it by sanding and banging it up with hand tools.

Step 2


Create the Design

Create a template for the letters on three paper bags. For a 70" x 24" salvaged board, letters should be at least 16" square.

Step 3


Trace Letters

Tape letters onto board and outline with marker.

Step 4


Outline With a Knife

Remove templates, and use razor knife to cut along the marker lines. Go over it a few times to make the lines wider and deeper.

Step 5


Go Over With Saw

Go over them again with a hand saw to create a rough-line look. Vacuum to remove all dust and wood chips.

Step 6


Paint Letters

Paint inside the lines, but leave some of the finish/paint underneath exposed. Let dry. If necessary, put on a second coat and let dry. Use sandpaper to scrape away the paint in some spots to give it an aged look.

Step 7


Apply Finish and Add Hardware

Shellac wood, front and back two times. Add D-rings to the back of the wood. Hang with wire, and enjoy your hand-painted vintage sign.