We reinvented an old flea market dresser, turning it into a combination bedside table and pet bed. To do so, we cut out the bottom two drawers, relined the inset with beadboard, then painted the entire unit a fun color. Finally we added an inviting cushion, making it a perfect hideaway for a small dog or cat.

Step 1


Remove Drawers

Remove two bottom drawers from dresser.

Step 2


Remove Center Brace and Fascia

Use screwdriver or drill to remove center brace. Next, remove horizontal fascia using reciprocating saw.

Step 3


Measure Interior

Use tape measure to determine proper height, width and depth of dresser's interior.

Step 4

Reinforce Bottom

Cut a piece of plywood to size 3/4" shorter in length and width than interior dimensions, then place along bottom. This smaller sizing will allow proper wiggle room for installing plywood reinforcement.

Pro Tip

If you don't have a circular saw to cut the plywood, the home improvement store will most likely cut it to size for you at a small charge.

Step 5


Remove Hardware

Use screwdriver to remove existing hardware.

Step 6


Sand Rough Spots

Use sandpaper or sanding block to smooth out rough spots from dresser's surface. Wipe dust with a damp cloth.

Step 7


Cut and Attach Beadboard

Use a circular saw to cut a 4' x 8' sheet of beadboard to the proper height and width of interior. Use sandpaper or sanding block to remove rough spots of beadboard. Hold each strip of beadboard into place, then secure with a nail gun or screws.

Step 8


Load Primer

Cover the floor surface of your workspace with a drop cloth. Shake and stir can of primer, then slowly pour it into the HVLP paint container.

Step 9


Spray Primer

Coat all surfaces of the dresser with an even, controlled, sprayed coat of primer. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 10


Spray Finish Coat

Clean and rinse out the HVLP paint sprayer. Load it with your finish color, then spray two coats. Allow approximately 2 to 3 hours for first coat of paint to dry before applying second coat.

Step 11


©Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Attach New Hardware and Cushion

Use screwdriver or drill to attach new hardware. Place cushion or pillow.