Choosing The Right Dresser

Since paint and hardware are the major elements for this project, it’s important to choose a dresser that will easily take paint and that can be drilled for hardware attachment. Solid wood dressers with flat drawer fronts work best.

Step 1

Clean and Prep

To give an old dresser a more streamlined, masculine look, you’ll need to remove any glued on appliqués or embellishments. This is easy to do by using a chisel or a flat screwdriver to pop the appliqué from the drawer front.

New hardware will be attached to the drawer fronts, and therefore new holes will need to be drilled. Fill the holes with wood filler, then smooth the surface using a spackle knife.

Step 2

Remove Appliques, Fill Existing Holes and Sand

Before new paint can be applied, you’ll need to rough up and/or remove the existing finish. Use fine grit sand paper to knock the existing sealer loose. Once the entire surface has been sanded, be sure to wipe the dresser clean using a damp cloth. 

Step 3

Paint Casing and Drawer Fronts

The key to giving the dresser nautical flair is painting it with two tones of paint: ultra-white and navy blue. First, coat the entire casing with ultra-white latex paint using the paint sprayer. The ultra-white will serve as a clean, crisp backdrop against the dark navy blue drawer fronts.

Add visual depth and sharp contrast by painting the drawer fronts with navy blue latex paint using the paint sprayer.

Step 4

Drill Holes for Drawer Pulls

For a hint of nautical texture, chunky sisal rope will be used as drawer pulls. Before the sisal can be cut and attached, locate the center point of the drawer front, then determine the exact placement of each end of the pull. Use drill and 3/4” drill bit to add holes.

Step 5

Cut and Attach Sisal Rope Pulls

Unfurl sisal rope, then cut 14” strips for use as pulls using utility knife. Wrap painter’s tape around the ends of the rope, then thread the pulls through the drilled holes and add knots along the inside of the drawer front.

Photo by: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Rustic White Photography, LLC