Tropical orchids can be expensive; here is a handcrafted option for those who love these flowers but don't want to spend all that money. 

Step 1


Print and Cut

Print the PDF orchid petals onto main color of paper, orchid center onto the second colored paper and leaf template onto green paper. Trim the two petal sets, one center and two leaves for each flower.

Step 2



Use the edge of the scissors to curl each petal and arm of the center. Fold the leaves in half. Curl each petal again the other direction to form a cup with each one. Curl the two sides of your leaves.

Step 3


Attach Each Layer

With the largest of the three-petal pieces pointing up, glue the two-piece petal into the center and the center piece on top of the two layers of petals.

Step 4


Attach Leaves

Turn bloom over and glue the two leaves onto the back.

Step 5



To make a hair clip, corsage or gift topper, glue the attachment piece to the back of the flower. For the wrist corsage, glue a ribbon long enough to tie around the wrist or an elastic band onto the back of the flower.

Step 6


Add a Stem

For an orchid on a stem, fold the end of a piece of 22-gauge wire at an angle. Cut a small leaf-shaped piece, making a slit one-third down the center and slide the corner of the wire into that fold. Glue the petal and wire onto the back of the orchid.

Step 7



Use your finished orchids to top a gift, make a bouquet, or wear it on your sweater or in your hair.

Step 8


Wedding Bouquet

These paper-sculpture orchids could make a wonderful wedding bouquet or decoration.