Step 1


Add Sisal Rope to Wreath Form

Unfurl spool of sisal rope and evenly wrap it around the wreath form. After two strands of rope are wrapped tightly up against one another, secure the sisal rope to the wreath form with hot glue. Repeat this process until the entire wreath form is covered with sisal rope. Then cut to size using the utility knife.

Step 2


Add Nylon Accents

Unfurl spool of white nylon rope. Create four accent bands, one in each quadrant, by wrapping the rope around the wreath form two strands at a time until a 10-strand-wide band is created. Secure the nylon rope to the sisal rope with hot glue. When each band is complete, cut the nylon rope using a utility knife.

Step 3


Create Banner Silhouette

Using a marker or pencil, draw a banner shape onto a piece of 1/4” plywood.

Step 4


Cut Out Silhouette

Cut the banner silhouette out from the 1/4” plywood using a jigsaw or reciprocating saw. When complete, make a second banner. Lay the first banner onto another piece of plywood and trace the shape onto the surface. Then cut out the second banner.

Step 5


Add Paint

Cover the entire surface of the plywood with the background paint color using a mini roller. When two coats of the background color have thoroughly dried, use a small paintbrush to scribe bride and groom on each banner.

Step 6


Drill Holes for Rope

Use a drill and a 1/2" drill bit to make two holes, spaced 2-1/2 inches apart, in each of the two upper corners of each banner.

Step 7


Feed Rope Through Holes

When the electrical tape is firmly wrapped around the edge of the sisal rope, feed the rope through one of the two holes, around the back of the wreath, then in through the adjacent hole.

Step 8


Add Knots

Tie knots to the front of each strand of rope, securing the plywood banner to the sisal-rope-covered wreath form.