Festive Packages

Brightly colored crepe paper cut into fringe strips puts a cheery spin on holiday tradition, and creates an exciting focal point for any occasion.

Step 1


Cut Crepe Paper

Cut strips of crepe paper about 1-1/2" to 2” wide and about 3’ long.

Step 2


Stretch Crepe Paper

Stretch out the crepe paper to lengthen it.

Step 3


Fold Crepe Paper

Fold it several times in half so that you can cut many layers at the same time.

Step 4


Cut Fringes

Make incisions into the crepe paper about every 1/4” or so.

Step 5


Attach Fringed Paper

Using the glue gun is the fastest way to attach the paper to the box. Start with the bottom layer and work around the box.

Step 6


Add Layers

Add on the next layer. These are spaced every 1/2” or so.

Step 7


Add More Color

For variety, add on a different color. Have fun with the color combinations.

Step 8


Repeat on Top

Do the same thing with the top of the box.

Step 9


Add Bow

Complete with a bow in a ribbon color of your choice.

Step 10


©Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson

Use or Display

Use the boxes as a display for a party or stash a gift insides for that special someone.