Rose Bouquet

Origami flowers are a great project for a craft party, Girl Scout meeting, bridal shower, or just because they're fun to make and pretty to look at.

Step 1


Print and Cut the Templates

Download the rose template then the leaf template. Print the templates then cut out the numbered petals and leaves.

Step 2


Curl the Edges

Use the edge of the scissors to curl the two corners of each petal.

Step 3


Add a Dab of Glue

Glue the tabs on petals #4 through #7, squeeze them together to create a cone shape.

Step 4


Prep Long-Stem Wire

For the long stem rose you will need a floral wire. Fold the end back about one inch. Glue the edge of petal #1 to the folded part of the wire.

Step 5


Attach First Petal

Wrap petal #1 around wire to create a spiral and curl corner back again.

Step 6


Center of The Rose

Glue petal #2 onto wire and wrap it around petal #1, curling corners back. Finish center of rose by gluing petal #3 onto wire, again curling the corners back to create a petal form.

Step 7


Add Remaining Petals

Skewer the centers of petals #4 through #7 onto floral wire. Add glue at base of center and rotate each section as you attach to center to stagger petals.

Step 8


Put It All in Place

As you finish placement, adjust petal rotation for the most natural look.

Step 9


Tape the Wire

Starting at the base of the rose, wrap floral tape around wire. Gently pull tape to activate the stickiness of the tape.

Step 10


Cut Leaf

Trim leaf, fold in half and use scissors to curl both sides.

Step 11


Add Leaf

Attach leaf to floral wire with a bit of glue then enclose in floral tape as you wrap the stem.

Step 12


Wrap and Display

Finish wrapping stem with floral tape. Bend and adjust wire to display rose.

Step 13


Hair Clip

To make a head piece, you will need a hairclip that has a surface that will easily glue to the rose.

Step 14


Pin It

To make a corsage, use two very strong magnets or a jewelry pin to attach to clothing.