Step 1


Choose Your Colors

Arrange papers along a flat, level surface until a cohesive, balanced color scheme takes shape. For a monochromatic approach, consider layering different shades and tints of the same color. For more of a multicolor effect, mix hues together which are high in contrast. TIP: For a feminine look, stick with muted colors and pastels mixed with neutrals such as taupe, brown or soft gray.

Step 2


Fold in Half

Using square paper is important since rosebuds have a perfectly round shape. Rectangular papers require cutting whereas square papers easily fold into spheres. The first step in the process is folding each sheet of square paper in half.

Step 3


Fold in Quarters

After the paper has been evenly folded in half, fold it again into fourths.

Step 4


Turn the Square Into a Circle

Once folded into fourths, use scissors to round out the edge.

Step 5


Unfold the Circle

Unfold the paper to reveal a circular shape. If the paper has created a perfect sphere, it’s time to move on to the next step; however, if the result is more oblong or ovular, it’s best to start over until a perfect circle is created.

Step 6


Cut Circles Into Spirals

Starting along the outer edge and working your way toward the center, cut solid circles into spirals.

Step 7


Create End Tabs

As you reach the end of the circle while cutting spirals, leave an ovular end tab approximately 1 inch in diameter. This is the portion of each paper rosebud which will hold the spirals together with glue.

Step 8


Roll the Spiral

Starting with the end of the spiral opposite the ovular end tab, tightly roll paper until the formation of a rosebud starts to take shape.

Step 9


Loosen the Ends

While the inner portion of the rosebud will be tightly pressed, the outer portion will increasingly start to sit more loosely.

Step 10


Shape the Bottom

Fold the spiral so that the inner circle lays flat at the bottom of the rosebud.

Step 11


Add a Dab of Glue

Pull the end tabs back and add a bead of hot glue.

Step 12


Hold Until Dry

Firmly press all layers of rosebud together until the glue has dried.

Step 13


Alternate Colors and Patterns

Once a rosebud is complete, be sure to mix up the colors and/or patterns by alternating papers.

Step 14


Roll Out the Ribbon

When all of the rosebuds have been constructed, unroll grosgrain ribbon and cut it into 7-foot strips.

Step 15


Adhere Buds to Ribbon

Attach the rosebuds directly to grosgrain ribbon using a hot glue gun.