Long-Lasting Blooms

Gardenia blooms are very fragrant and often used in perfume-making, but the petals are fragile causing this flower to turn color quickly. With this DIY paper gardenia you can have the elegance of the gardenia in a long-lasting form.

Step 1


Download, Print and Cut

Download and print the PDF for the gardenia petals onto white or cream paper and then print the leaf template onto green paper. Cut out the flower petals. Use the edge of your scissors to curl each petal on the #1 and #2 flowers, vertically and horizontally (two curls per petal).

Step 2


Make a Bud

Bend petals of #1 into a cone shape, and overlap in the same direction to form a pinwheel. Rotate the cone in your fingers several times to tighten the shape.

Step 3


Shape With Your Fingers

Turn the cone over and with the edge of your fingernail, crush the five corners of the bottom of the cone to create a round shape.

Step 4


Attach Bud to Flower

Glue the cone into center of the #2 flower.

Step 5


Bend Flower Around Bud

Rotate the petals of #2 flower around inside cone, repeating direction of petals and shape.

Step 6


Flatten the Bottom

Turn over and again crush corners of bottom with the edge of your fingernail to create a more circular shape.

Step 7


Curl the Remaining Petals

Use the edge of the scissors to curl petals #3 through #6.

Step 8


Go in the Other Direction

Curl each petal edge or tip again in a different direction. Gardenia petals tend to be organic and uneven. Each petal can be different and will look more natural with variety.

Step 9


Stagger Petals

Glue petals #3 and #4 together placing the petals so they align between each other. Do the same with petals #5 and #6.

Step 10


Attach All the Pieces

Glue the #3 and #4 combo pieces into the #5 and #6, again rotating so you can see all 12 of the petal tips.

Step 11


Add Bud to Stack

Center and glue the petal cone into the petal stack.

Step 12


Stack and Open

Gently open the #2 cone and fold the stacked petals up into the nesting cone.

Step 13


Prep the Leaf

Fold the leaf in half and use the edge of your scissors to curl both edges of leaf.

Step 14


Attach Leaf

Turn the gardenia over and glue the leaf onto the back with the fold pointing toward you.

Step 15



For a single gardenia, glue a hair clip, mini clothespin, floral magnet or ribbon to the back.

Step 16


Add a Stem

For the stemmed gardenia, cut a round green circle and make a slit from one side to the center.

Step 17


Create an In-Between Piece

Make a spiral for the end of a floral wire and slide the wire between the slit on the paper circle.

Step 18


Attach Disk

Glue the paper disk onto the back of the gardenia.

Step 19


Wrap Wire

Starting at the base of the flower, wrap the floral tape down the wire, gently stretching to activate tacky texture.

Step 20



Use paper gardenias to decorate your party or home.

Step 21


Gift Topper

The sculpted metallic petals will last a long time and make a perfect keepsake for a special gift.