Wedding Shower Advent Calendar

We made our Advent calendar for a stock-the-Christmas-tree bridal shower. Each guest was instructed to bring an ornament to gift the happy couple with, then stuff them in these no-sew bags for a festive gift-opening experience. The bride was thrilled to go home with a tree’s worth of ornaments, plus an Advent calendar that can be used year after year.

Step 1


Line With Felt

Line up the box with the piece of felt. Leave about one inch on either side of the box to fold up for later gluing.

Step 2


Glue Seams

As if you’re wrapping a present, fold in each of the sides then use a glue gun to fasten the seams.

Step 3


Level Edges

If the edges aren’t even on either side, cut them down so they are level.

Step 4


Cut Numbers

Print out the numbers template and cut out the individual numbers to use as stencils.

Step 5


Trace Numbers

Turn the number around and trace it on the contrasting piece of felt.

Step 6


Cut Numbers

Cut out each number.

Step 7


Glue Numbers

Use a glue gun to adhere the numbers onto the front of the bag.

Step 8


Hang Bags

Use twine and clothespins to hold the bags up on a mantel or wall.

Step 9


©Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson

The Countdown Is On

Use the numbered bags at a Christmas-themed bridal shower or stuff each bag with a treat for the kids during the month of December.