Let the signs of the zodiac light up your walls with this fun DIY project.  

Step 1

Miter Trim and Attach to Plywood

Cut 1x2 pine or birch trim to size, cut the ends at 45-degree angles on the miter saw. Once all pieces of trim are mitered, fasten them along the perimeter of the plywood with picture nails. The very back of the plywood should sit flush with the back of the trim. The front of the trim should sit proud of the plywood, resulting in a lip around the front.

Step 2

Apply Stain

Use a rag to apply an even coat of stain to the plywood and the trim. Allow it to dry. 

Step 3

Paint Star Chart and Add Holes

Use a small detail paintbrush and white semi-gloss paint to create the constellations. This can be freehanded and random or done literally in reference to an actual star chart.

Use a 1/4” drill bit to create the holes directly through the painted dots (stars).

Step 4

Seal with Polyurethane

Wipe wood shavings from the surface of the plywood, then use paint roller to add an even coat of sealer. 

Step 5

Add Twinkle Lights

With the plywood turned upside down, push each of the twinkle lights through the drilled holes. Once all holes are filled, use electrical tape to fasten the ends of the twinkle light cords to the back of the plywood. Hang the constellation art on the wall, then plug in the lights.