Step 1

Measure and Mark Plywood

Depending on the desired height and width of each number, mark the plywood to size using the measuring tape and pencil. You’ll need to stay within these marks to ensure the proper sizing for each number once it’s traced.

Step 2

Trace and Cut Out Numbers

There are two ways to get your down on the plywood, your method will depend on how crisp you want the numbers to be. You can either print the numbers out on paper and cut them to create stencils or free-hand the numbers right on the plywood. When free-handing the numbers, it’s wise to use a roll of painter’s tape or round objects (like a bowl) 6” to 12” in diameter to create perfect circles.

Step 3

Cut Out the Numbers

When the numbers have been traced to the plywood, cut them out by guiding the jigsaw along the traced silhouette.

Step 4

Sand the Plywood

Use sandpaper and the sanding block to smooth the edges of the cut-out numbers.

Step 5

Prime Numbers

In order for the sheet moss to adhere to the plywood, the surface of the plywood will need to be primed. With the numbers laid out on the roll of kraft paper, add primer by holding the spray can eight inches from the surface of the numbers, then pressing down the nozzle in controlled, even spurts.

Step 6

Spray Adhesive and Add Moss

After the primer is dry, use the can of spray adhesive to help the moss bond to the plywood number. For proper coverage, keep the can held eight inches from the surface of the bottom of the moss, then move back and forth in controlled, even spurts.

Piece the moss together along the front and the sides of the plywood numbers until all of the primed wood is covered by moss.

Step 7

Moss-Covered House Numbers

Moss-Covered House Numbers

Photo by: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Rustic White Photography, LLC

Fasten to Wall

Hold each number in its place along the exterior wall of the house. Use a drill to drive 2” wood screws directly through each number, keeping it securely fastened to the wall.  Arrange or patch moss to cover screw heads. 

To care for them, just spritz with water when they begin to look dry.