Step 1


Cut Baling Wire

Unfurl the spool of baling wire to a length of 14 inches, then cut with wire snips.

Step 2


Create Hook-Shaped Ends

Use needle-nose pliers to bend each end of the 14-inch wire into hook shapes. For an exact fit once wire becomes used as a stand, hold needle-nose pliers one inch in from the end of the baling wire, then create a hook span of one inch, the ideal size to keep the horseshoe held firmly in place.

Step 3


Shape Wire Into a Stand

Roughly 2 1/2 inches down from the tip of the hook-shaped end, bend the wire again to form the bottom part of the stand.

Step 4


Attach Wire Stand to Horseshoe

Insert the hook-shaped ends up through integrated holes in horseshoes then lean the horseshoe back against wire stand.

Step 5


Trace and Cut Banner

Trace the silhouette of a banner onto the craft paper. Cut out the shape with scissors then use a hole punch to create one hole at the top left of the banner and another at the bottom right.

Step 6


Personalize Banner

Use colored markers and decorative paper to personalize the banner with sketched accents. When complete, run twine or strands of hay through the punched holes.

Step 7


Stamp Letters

Press letter stamps onto an ink pad then press the stamp onto the banner to spell out the name of each guest.

Step 8


Attach Banners to Horseshoes

Hold the banners up to the front of the horseshoes, then fasten them in place using twine or hay.