Party Decoration

In Scandinavia during Christmastime, it’s traditional to suspend a branch from the ceiling and adorn it with ornaments. We’ve put a springy twist on the idea by creating paper leaves and flowers and attaching them to a hanging branch over an outdoor dining table.

Step 1


Cut Leaves

Cut out leaf shapes from the different shades of green paper. Vary the sizes so your final arrangement will appear more organic.

Step 2


Fold Leaf

Fold one end of the leaf in half. This is where you will glue it onto the branch.

Step 3


Twist Leaf

Twist the opposite end of the leaf a bit to give it more shape.

Step 4


Cut Rectangle

To make the flower, cut a rectangle from the red crepe paper.

Step 5


Stretch Paper

Stretch out the rectangle pieces of paper.

Step 6


Fold Rectangle

Fold the rectangle in half but do not crease. Make a bubble of sorts.

Step 7


Roll Paper

Start rolling the end of the paper into a spiral until you reach the end of the paper.

Step 8


Glue Ends

Turn it upside down and glue the end. Glue the sides if necessary.

Step 9


Attach Paper to Branch

Glue the flowers onto the branch. Group them together at the ends of the branches to create a more life-like branch.

Step 10


Glue Leaves to Branch

Glue the leaves onto the branch. Group them together at the ends of the branches to create a more life-like branch.

Step 11


©Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson

Hang Branch

Hang the canopy of branches with fishing wire.