How to Make an A-Frame Wine Rack

Learn how to make a simple wine rack that brings together the natural wood and neon rope.

By: Laura Parke

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This standard six-bottle wine rack is easy to make and takes very little time. Make one for yourself then make one for a friend. The compact size of the rack makes it perfect for a small dining space or to sit on top of the fridge.

We did not finish or paint the wood on our rack, instead we left it natural and added a pop of color with neon string.

Materials and Tools:

2 pieces of birch plywood (15" x 10.5")
1" hinges (2)
neon string about 10" to 12"
drill with a 3-1/5" drill bit (hole saw) and a 1/16" drill bit
150-grit sandpaper


Determine Hole Placement

Use a straightedge and a pencil, and measure and mark where the center of each wine bottle cut-out will go. On our wine rack, the cut-outs are 1-1/2" from the sides and 1" from the top and bottom. Each circle is 1" apart from one another.



Cut Out the Holes

Using the power drill with the 3-1/5" drill bit attached, drill six holes into each piece of plywood, making a total of 12 holes.


Sand Smooth

Use 150-grit sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges created from the drill.


Place the Hinges

Determine where the hinges will be placed on the top of the rack. Measure to the center of the hole. Install one side of the hinge, then match up the second piece of wood and secure the other side of the hinge. Repeat for the other side.



Determine String Placement

Set up the wine rack to stand in an "A" frame. Leave the opening about 6" wide.



Drill For the String

Measure 1" in from the side and bottom and mark with a pencil. Using the 1/16" drill bit, make a hole in each of the four corners of the bottom of the wine rack.


Add String

Loop the neon string through one of the holes and tie a double knot to secure it. Take the other end of the string and loop it through the opposite hole. Tie it into a double knot, making sure the opening is 6" when stretched to its capacity. Trim the excess string. Repeat on the other side.



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