How to Make a Wreath From Fence Pieces and Garland

This inexpensive, easy-to-make wreath was made from salvaged picket fence pieces, a strand of garland and some pinecones.


Susan Teare Susan Teare

Susan Teare, Susan Teare


This North woods-style wreath was made by wrapping picket-fence tops in a circle, then embellishing them with evergreen garland and pinecones.

Materials and Tools:

chop saw
1-3/4- to 2-inch galvanized wood screws (18 to 20)
hot glue gun
Phillips screwdriver
wire cutters
salvaged picket fence pieces (36 to 38)
large wooden wreath form
evergreen garland with pinecones
additional pinecones (10 to 12)
22-gauge floral wire
wood glue

Clean and Cut

Clean and cut picket fence pieces to varied lengths. (We used the top 6 to 8 inches of the pickets.)

Cutting wood with saw

Lay Out Pattern

Determine how you want to lay out your pattern. It's best to put the larger pieces in the back.

Wreath assembly

Glue Down Pickets

Glue the back/bottom layer down first. Lay something heavy on top to help the glue adhere. Let dry overnight, then do your next layer. Again, lay something heavy on top while the glue sets. Let dry overnight. The wood glue is only to help the pickets stay in place while you screw them onto the ring (the glue alone will not hold the wreath together).

Picket Fence Assembly

Fasten Pickets

Drive in the screws so you hit the top and bottom picket fence pieces and the wooden ring below. Some pickets may split a little, so be careful. You may have to do two screws per piece. Do not countersink the screws; leave the head sticking out a little on the top — you will use them to attach the evergreen pieces. (Make sure the screw does not stick out the back — it will scratch your door or wall.)

Picket Fence Wreath

Embellish With Garland

Gather the evergreen garland (plastic), floral wire and wire cutters, and start wrapping the garland around the inside of the wreath, attaching it to the screw heads. Use floral wire where necessary to attach the garland and cones.

Picket Fence Wreath items

Add Pinecones

Wire or glue on additional pinecones.

Joanne Palmisano is the author of Salvage Secrets (W.W. Norton, September 2011). Visit her blog, also called Salvage Secrets.

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