We gathered a bunch of mismatched plates from thrift stores and garage sales, painted them a variety of colors in the same hue, then hung them together to create an eye-catching wall display. 

Step 1

Measure Wall Space and Determine Plate Placement

In order to fill the wall space with a properly proportioned pattern, measure the height and width using a measuring tape. Based on the dimensions of the wall space, arrange the plates on an unfurled roll of craft paper, moving them around randomly until the proper shape forms.  

Step 2

Trace Plates and Reposition Painter's Tape

Trace all of the plates in place with a marker, assigning corresponding numbers and colors written on the craft paper and on small strips of painter’s tape.

Reposition the numbered painter’s tape to the back of each plate. You’ll refer to this number when it’s time to place each of the plates on the wall.

Step 3

Paint Plates

Protect the surface of your work area with a drop cloth. Lay plates out on a flat, elevated and level surface, then spray them in groups by color. For an even finish, keep the spray can at least 8” from the surface of the plates, then move back and forth in a slow, controlled manner.

Step 4

Tape Template

Use scissors to cut out the traced plate silhouettes from the template, and then tape the template to wall.

Step 5

Measure and Mark Plate Hanger Placement

Hold plate in its proper position, then use measuring tape to determine the distance from the top of the plate to the plate hanger nail. Mark this placement with the pencil.

Use a hammer to attach the plate hanger nail.

Step 6

Hang Plates and Remove Template

Once all plate hanger nails are attached, add plate hangers to all plates, then position them in place. Undo the taped corners of the template and take it down from the wall.