Sturdy and Stylish

A canvas drop cloth makes a great outdoor table cover: It is durable, heavy enough to stand up to a strong breeze and easy to wash. Just paint on a pattern and you’ve got the start of a great picnic.

Step 1


Measure, Mark and Tape

Measure three inches from the edge of the cloth and mark with pencil, then continue making marks every three inches down the entire length of the drop cloth. Line up and then place painter's tape along the pencil marks.

Step 2


Cover Entire Cloth

Continue taping off the drop cloth until it is completely covered in a checkerboard pattern.

Step 3


Start Spraying

Spread out the drop cloth in a well-ventilated area. Start in one corner and spray every other square with lime spray paint, making sure to fill in the squares completely.

Step 4


Alternate Colors

Fill alternating squares with the lime paint. Spray the remaining squares with black paint.

Step 5


Let Dry Then Set

Allow the paint to dry completely, at least 6 to 8 hours, before using the tablecloth.